Jack Bond
Collage - Identity/Masking
These images are collages of found images, cut apart or broken down into the various elements, manipulated for size and reprinted. These separate elements are then mounted to raised pedestals and then reassembled into the original format but now 3-D. Some with 5 or 6 pieces, some as many as 50.

Running Man The Red Room Freedom Of Expression His Feminine Side Four Masks Sex Is On Fire Untitled #176 Burden Of Fashion Shamans Dilemma Excess Baggage Third Hand Bird A Casual Indifference Cirque du Luna Complicated Landscape Dream Sequence Identity Offset The Scream The Artist Emerging From an Antiquities Dealer No Comment The Colored Hand Jamacoaque Daydream Untitled 292 Untitled 312 Suspension Of Pain Quiet Escape The Gravity Of Light Free Bird Dream Sequence - Running Clown Black Bird Man Dancing The Jury Artifact Fragment #397 Artifact Fragment #398 Artifact Fragment #400 Avain Hindsight Empty Feelings Flying Dreams Missing Parts Three Different Views

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